Comparing KS3 NC level descriptors using Wordle

It was suggested to me that I compare the old and new (and now abandoned) key stage 3 level descriptors to see what the differences are.

For your convenience I’ve listed the old and new level descriptors side by side.  I’ve also fed the old and new descriptors into Wordle to gain an overview for each level.  These are included in the attached document as well.

I’d be interested to hear viewpoints on the differences between the old and new level descriptors.

comparing level descriptors.pdf

Update (11/06/10):

Given the lack of detail in the Government statement I’m wondering if I got the wrong end of the stick. On the QCDA site there are level descriptors (KS3) from 1 upwards, and a document dated hidden at the bottom of the page, and then the 2007 descriptors also listed at the bottom that seem identical but missing levels 1 to 3. Is it the new levels 1 – 3 we are not meant to be using? I can’t believe we are going back to the v. old level descriptors but in the lack of detailed guidance from the Dept of Education it’s hard to know what to think!


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