Why I’m not bothered that I failed Edexcel’s OSCA2 Lead IV certification

I got the email at the end of last week – I failed Edexcel’s OSCA2 lead IV examination.  Am I bothered? No!

I’ve been following BTEC Science for a few years now (this being the last) and in that time I’ve been subject to repeated external verification and a Quality Review & Development review.

From my QRD report:

There is evidence of accuracy and consistency of assessment decisions.  There is also evidence of effective internal verification at the site visited.

From my EV report:

All assessment decisions agreed. Good feedback has been provided on the front sheets and grades have been annotated on the learner work which is good practice.

All assignments have been internally verified and learner work has also been sampled by the internal verifier clearly demonstrating an effective IV process.

I am confident in my ability to run BTEC within my centre – so what went wrong?  On checking the commentary (an Edexcel term for mark scheme) that accompanied my OSCA2 activity I could see that I had all the technical questions relating to internal verification right.   The questions I had got wrong relate to the awarding of assessment criteria – basically my standards are too high!

Reading through the scripts again it becomes obvious how easy it is to be awarded the assessment criteria, which has always been my concern with the Science BTECs I have experienced.   I’m proud to say I won’t be lowering my standards and my students will continue to exceed the assessment criteria as they receive the best quality science education I can provide.

That’s why I couldn’t care less about failing my OSCA2 certification…



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  1. Hi,

    I know that feeling. After hours spent working out the practice material, it felt like there were loads of ‘trick’ questions about awarding the assessment criteria. Btec is a great course, but if the awarding body insist on lowering the requirement for the them, the whole qualification will (or already has) lose its status.

  2. Hi there
    I also spent in all about 10 hours. I am only teaching BTech in May 2011 so wanted to get ahead and do the OSCA. I read ever possible material in detail. I was 100% sure about all my answers, especially the assessment ones.
    I do feel that I worked too hard on it and so my standards were extremely high.
    It is clear that not much is then required to pass but I now don’t trust that I will ever pass.
    There were many trick questions and related questions.
    I did write back, they agreed with their assessment
    BUT why the trick and roundabout answers. We are all professionals who all want the best possible education for our pupils. We want to guide them correctly.
    I will do osca again but have no faith in the system

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