Gather teaching ideas and keep your knowledge up to date with Feedly

As a teacher I like to read the blogs of other science teachers and read updates from science websites.  I use feedly to manage this for me – and because the service is based in the cloud, it works from any computer or even a phone or tablet.

Firstly visit the Feedly website and sign up.  You can even sign up using your Google or Facebook ID.  Once you have an account you can begin to add content – you can click on the [Add content] button and search by category (for example science).  You can also search for the specific name of a website/blog if you happen to know it (for example

Once feedly has a list of sites to follow it will visit the site regularly for you and download updates so you don’t have to visit each individual site.  If you follow lots of sites you might want to organise them into categories.

I read my feedly articles using their app on my iPad which I’ve configured to my preferences (oldest articles first and I like to read across all categories).  Other apps are available that support feedly and they offer a premium subscription service if you find yourself wanting more features.

The real power of feedly comes when linked with other services like Evernote and IFTTT.  Stay tuned for a post about linking feedly to other cloud services that will make it even more useful!

I thought this tutorial might be useful (whilst it is over a year old it is still relevant):

Why not share your favourite science teaching blogs in the comments and let others know what to follow.


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