LessDull – an interesting website for science (biology) teachers


I recently received an email from a developer who had set up a website called LessDull.  The teacher is experimenting with the demand for interactive whiteboard teaching resources and has created some resources based on the eye to test demand.

There are free diagrams on the website that support teaching about the eye.  These are clear and suitable for use with learners of all abilities.  To complement these the author has created a standalone Windows utility which he intends to sell to teachers for a modest sum (£1.99).  The fee is payable to download the software using a well implemented shopping system.  The software appears to be free of DRM protection although it would be advisable to check with the author before sharing with a department.

The most useful feature of the software is the interactive labelling tool which allows you to label the anatomy of the eye, part by part.  There are the options to show/hide all labels etc if required.  This is the most interactive part of the software.  The software also covers the pupil reflex and how the eye focuses.

The software is simple. perhaps a little too simple as it provides similar functionality to a well crafted powerpoint.  For example it would have been nice to have some kind of transition between the images when demonstrating accommodation or a variable slider to make the differences more apparent.

I approve of the simple style and layout of the software which will function well in a touch environment.  The price compares favourably with some of the resources on the TES site, although it could get expensive if you had to buy lots of resources (I teach the whole of the GCSE curriculum).

I hope the author takes this project further and produces further resources – perhaps readers of my blog could signpost the resources they need the most?


Published by Rob Butler

Ex-science teacher, ex-school leader and full-time geek.