Creative Commons LicenceThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I have no intention of removing these resources (although they may move from time to time) – they will be available to download time and time again. Please do not download them in bulk from this site and then upload them to shared drives etc, where others have no idea where they have come from.  I do not brand or label most of the resources available from this site in any way (so you can use them without issue in your own school).

Copies of my resources may be made available through other websites (so that more teachers can find them). Resources available from other sites will (mostly) be non-editable and contain copyright information. It is my intention that resources downloaded from this site continue to remain free of charge, and more of the resources are available in an editable format.

I will have no hesitation in taking action against anyone who I find is violating this copyright by selling them on, or re-branding these resources and distributing them as their own.

If you find copyrighted material or something that needs removing, please complete the contact form along with links to the material in question.   As I’m happy for others to take my work and modify it, I may have included snippets from powerpoints etc from other teachers (and in doing so have made assumptions about the copyright of the content contained within them)

Please leave a comment below or use the contact me form above if you have any questions relating to the copyright of these materials.


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  1. Thanks for your resources. I just want to use one of the photos today, but will be back to explore in detail soon. It is great to find teachers out there who are willing to share with others.

  2. I have some info sourced from here ages ago (types of differentiation). Just wondering if you would be ok with me sharing at a teacher training day with your name as well as a link to this site?

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