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I’ve worked in special education for many years.  Over this time I’ve built up a bank of worksheets to use with children who have special needs.  A while ago I decided to share these with anyone who wants them.

Please be sure to read the copyright and other information on my site.

The easiest way to access these resources is through the drop down menu at the top of the screen (Teaching resources, down to Free Science Resources, then move across to the right).

Unfortunately the number of worksheets that I have available is not as large as I would like. Some of the worksheets I use were produced with glue and scissors, some of them were modified from commercial materials (e.g. Nelson Thornes AQA, Wikid Science) – It wouldn’t be right to include those resources here.  Older resources like the QCA or AQA GCSE courses are unlikely to be improved or added to. Please get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for!


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  1. I have used a number or resources and the pupils love the worksheets. I will continue to use your site and inform others. :0)

  2. I have used a number or resources and the pupils love the worksheets. I will continue to use your site and inform others. :0)

  3. thanks for this website, what a shame I'm only discovering it now, but I intend to catch up!I love your layout and ideas, thank you so much!

  4. can i say a big thankyou for letting me use your work, it has saved me time and hlped me understand what is needed for the btec.danshu

  5. hi again!even more delighted as have just got a new job teaching SEN Science, so I know your worksheets etc will help me no end! thanks!!

  6. Was given an entry level class at the end of this term and your site has been extremely helpful and your resources have given me a kick start in the right direction. Many thanks.

  7. I’ve just had a look through this website. Quite refreshing and lots of well thoughtout resources and activities. I can see you’re a true to devotee. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have been following your blog for a while now. Thanks…I was wondering if you could suggest some BTEC related trips. I also teach Level 1

    1. I would have thought anywhere with a vocational context. We interviewed technicians etc. Could look at science in everyday jobs eg hairdresser, cook. There are also some good videos out there – look for applied science.

  9. These resources are great! We have also made some free resources, which I believe will be useful for special education, as we have used techniques to gamify education, while enhancing understanding, engagement and memory retention. These are available at, or we have some summary resource sheets for each module which we can give to you (all free!) if you want it?

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