KS4 resources (OneDrive)

BTEC L1 biology

BTEC L1 chemistry

BTEC L1 physics

GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE physics

BTEC L2 biology

BTEC L2 chemistry

KS4 Entry level

BTEC L1 IT users


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  1. Thank you for sharing these resources, I seem to be taking more resources than providing them. I hope that I can return the favour once I get more used to teaching the BTEC as I have minimal experience with it at the moment.

  2. Your Btec level 1 physics links to the same page as Chemistry Level 1. Your resources look very useful and I was wondering whether there are any Physics resources??

    1. The link appears to be working now – let me know if you still experience problems.

  3. First year teaching BTEC L2 Applied Science. Thankyou so much for your awesome resources – writing my SOW for next year now – can’t thank you enough for how much easier it will be now.

    Do you have resources for any other of the L2 Applied Science units?

  4. Hi Rob

    These resources look fabulous, thank you for sharing them with everyone out there.

    I was looking for something to help me teach the Periodic table, atoms and elements to the Year 11 group I have just picked up this year in our 11-19 special school (we are aiming for a Foundation tier Core Science GCSE)

    I have shared your link with my 3 colleagues who also teach Science here in case they’ve not come across your work before

    Thank you again,

    Caroline Dawson
    Director for Strategic Development
    Rumworth School

  5. Hi Rob,

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing these resources. I have been looking for work suitable for Australian Curriculum Life Science and find your work engaging and interesting.

    Megan Walker
    La Salle Academy
    Lithgow AU

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