Science APP – one approach to managing the paperwork

I get quite a few contact requests asking about APP.  Whilst I have used APP and indeed still do, it is only one one of the assessment tools I use, since I am required to report back internally using NC levels.

I found this site whilst searching the Internet, from a Science teacher called Stewart Feather in Birmingham.  He has developed a whole approach to APP including a recording system that minimises the time demands on the teacher.

I would recommend that science teachers who use APP on a regular basis check out Stewart’s site – it is well worth a look.


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One reply on “Science APP – one approach to managing the paperwork”

  1. An amazing piece of work.

    My only reservation is linked to work load. I just think that recording progress on each of the strands within each AF is too much- there’s enough work (read admin) just keeping track of progress within each AF.

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